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Advantages of becoming a Business Partner

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Dive into a world of limitless potential and seize the opportunities that await. At FM World UK, we believe in empowering individuals to define their own rules and pave their unique path to success.
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About us

FM WORLD is a leader of Multi-level Marketing. A company was established in 2004 in Wrocław by Artur Trawiński. After three years, the Company started expanding globally. Today we have more than two millions international Business Partners already working with us.

What makes us stand out is our broad offer of perfumes and excellent FMCG products which won the hearts of customers worldwide. We attach special importance to working with passionate and energetic people, who believe that power of business is in the friendly relations. Thank to them we are successfully carrying out our mission which is to create products which you can share with others and promote lifestyle which provides financial freedom.

We support entrepreneurship, offer professional trainings and we motivate others to change for the better. After 20 years of business activity, following the unusually dynamic development on foreign markets, we reinvigorated our brand so that it could reflect that FM WORLD is a modern international company with an enormous growth potential.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create products which you can share with others and a lifestyle which provides financial freedom. Our vision is to be the global leader of Multi-Level Marketing and be number 1 for fragrance sales worldwide. To work ethically with people driven by success.

One Simple step

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Register online and get an activation link within 24 hours. Upon signup, receive a one-time password and login via email, which is needed for orders and the Business Partner’s Zone. Your member ID is valid across the world (global business opportunity)!

Success stories

Thrive with our circle. Encounter the stories of numerous influential individuals who are founding businesses, motivating those around them, and daily enhancing lives. Our community’s fabric is woven from a variety of backgrounds, providing a one-of-a-kind business venture that supports your personal success.
Below, explore some of our Business Partners’ and leaders’ success stories.
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FM World has totally transformed my life! I went from earning £250 a month as a coffee shop assistant to earning multiples of six figures a year. I have earned five Mercedes cars from the company as well as over 20 incentive trips to luxurious destinations, including the Maldives, Singapore, Las Vegas, and the Dominican Republic.
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I used to have a boring job working in insurance. I was struggling to pay my bills and dreaming of a brighter future. That's when I got an email about FM and little did I know, it was about to change everything. The fragrances are high quality, and I knew they would sell well. I also knew that this could be a great business for both men and women, because everyone loves perfume. It quickly became obvious too that this was also a superb opportunity to earn serious money, and in a short amount of time, I was able to leave my 9-to-5 job behind. With FM, I’ve achieved financial security to live life on my terms. FM has given me more than I ever thought possible, including many Mercedes cars, amazing international trips, and incredible friendships. My business partner and I were the first people in the world to reach Nephrite Star status with FM. But what truly sets FM apart is the opportunity it provides to impact the lives of others. Through our journey, we’ve had the privilege of inspiring and mentoring countless individuals, helping them realise their own potential with FM.
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This FM opportunity has opened many doors for me including a collection of new brand-new cars, purchasing three houses, making many investments, being able to travel around the world, and living between two countries. Not bad for someone who used to be a cleaner. Working from home while juggling family commitments has been an incredibly positive experience for me! The main reason why I wanted to work from home and build successful businesses was a clear set goal that I have managed to achieve. Time and financial freedom are a dream come true. Working online allows me the flexibility to effectively manage my time while fulfilling my family responsibilities. The ability to work from the comfort of my home provides me with a level of flexibility in my schedule that is immensely valuable, especially when I need to align with my family's needs. Being close to my loved ones and readily available when needed, all while focusing on my professional tasks, is a unique advantage that I have been looking for for many years. I truly appreciate the opportunity to achieve success while concurrently fulfilling my roles as a parent and partner. It's like realising a dream of achieving a harmonious balance between professional and personal life!
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Six years ago, I stumbled across a social media post …. The rest is history. Doing this around my family commitments enabled me to become debt-free, buy our own dream forever home, and travel the world for free, BUT the best part is how I’ve helped thousands of other women change their circumstances too. And we have only just touched the surface. There’s room for everyone to win here, no matter what goals and dreams you have in life.
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I have been with FM World now for nearly 6 years. The business has helped me change my life completely! Just over a year ago, I was able to get my first home!! I fulfilled my dream of welcoming my two beautiful dogs, Hugo and Haribo, to their new home six months ago! Also, my car is covered by the business every month. The two main things that joining the business has actually done for me are being able to support my family in ways I could have only dreamed of, such as getting a second mortgage for my brother and paying all the family cars monthly. The people I have met through this journey are now my best friends and will be part of my life forever!

Transform Your life with FM World UK

Dive into a world of limitless potential and seize the opportunities that await. At FM World UK, we believe in empowering individuals to define their own rules and pave their unique path to success.

We offer a business model which lets you obtain financial freedom regardless of the gender, race, social status and cultural differences; we respect in our business partners independence and difference of opinion, which is our source of diversity and inspiration for growth.

Start working from home and away!